Wednesday, November 18, 2009

December 3rd Craft Night - Deadline to sign up Nov. 30th

December Craft night:

Date: Thursday, December 3rd

Time: 7:00 PM

Project By: Jenny Crellin and Jessica Olsen

Host: Jessica Olsen (if you need her address send her an email)

Sign-up Deadline: Monday, November 30th!

We are going to start off with a fun selection of
Christmas ornaments
These are so cute and come from some unexpected objects.

We would love to have you come join in on the fun!
Make sure you leave a comment on this post or email us with the following info by Nov. 30th:

1. Your Name

2. What project(s) you are wanting to make, description and number.

3. How many of each project.

*We will take payment for the crafts that night December 3rd*

Project #1 - Wooden Word Ornaments:

$2.00 for each word Ornament
$16.00 for the whole set
*Note* As of right now 11/30 this is what I have left:
naughty or nice-0
Please let me know what word or word(s) you would like in your comment or email.

Project #2 - Santa Paintbrush :

$1.50 each
Let me know if you want a 1" or 2" paintbrush.

Project #3 - Measuring Spoon Snowmen:

$2.00 each

Project #4 - Washer Ornaments:

$2.00 each
For these there is a wide variety of things that you can do with them. I have some that they smaller washer says the year of my child's birth and then the larger washer has the child's name, etc. You can make them say whatever you want. And you can make the letters be black or Red.


  1. I vote for the 3rd since I work on the 1st.

    I also have extra washers and a stamp set from October's craft group.

    You may want to add when you want people to sign up by (that way people have a deadline).

    I hope I can come!

  2. I'll be there!! I would like to do the wooden ornaments, all except the tradition and naughty or nice. I'm so glad craft group is back!! I love the new set up!!

  3. I want to do the Believe and Naughty or Nice

  4. My Mother in law is going to come with me and help me do mine too.

  5. So darling. I wish I could come. These are super cute. I am putting all of this information in our RS announcement handout. Thanks for all you do. Great way to communicate. Love the blog.

  6. I will be there as soon as my husband get home from work. is it at the church or someones house?
    I want to do the wood Peace ornament.

  7. Hey! This is GREAT! I would love to do one each of the wooden word ornaments (the ones that are left anyway .... peace, joy, hope, love, tradition - whatever you have). Thanks!

  8. Not sure if there are any wood word ornaments left, but I'd like to do a couple if you have them left. Also, I would like to do a couple of the washer ornaments.